Cheeky is a multidisciplined artist from Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen.

Cheeky’s playful spirit combined with animism shines through in her colourful universe of cheeky characters.
The tight lines and vibrant colours of her art are influenced by the graffiti environment and 80’s comic books.

Painting with spray paint for more than a decade her art has covered murals in Australia, California, Europe, Asia and The Arctic, Greenland.

In between exhibitions, commissions and creative projects Cheeky conducts art workshops for the youth of Denmark and Greenland on a yearly basis, as a way to help empower the youth and give back to the community she resides in.

“I always followed my heart and did what felt like the right thing to do, which eventually lead me to where I am today. I’m humbled that I’ve been able to travel and work with my art like I’ve done the past decade. I know now that today is just the beginning -so thank you for the support and good energy, it means the world to me and my entourage of cheeky characters – especially Hobo Donut!”